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BDC Announces the Launch of the Baltimore Economy Dashboard

PRESS RELEASE: June 11, 2024

BDC Announces the Launch of the Baltimore Economy Dashboard

Baltimore, MD—The Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, announces the launch of the Baltimore Economy Dashboard. The digital tool, developed by Bloomberg Associates, integrates vital economic and workforce data into one user-friendly platform accessible from the City’s website.

The dashboard harnesses data from nine distinct sources, both public and private, and features forty-three indicators across six key economic areas: jobs, workforce, real estate, small businesses, startups, and consumer spending. It provides real-time, actionable insights designed to give policymakers, community leaders, corporate partners, and other key stakeholders a comprehensive overview of Baltimore's economic health.  

“The Baltimore Economy Dashboard helps us achieve a major milestone towards our Baltimore Together strategic goal of tracking economic data more effectively,” shared Colin Tarbert, BDC President and CEO. “BDC and the City of Baltimore have worked extensively with Bloomberg Associates to build this dashboard, allowing us to gain valuable insights and key metrics about our community, businesses, and residents, and helping us to make more informed decisions.”

"Our economic team has worked closely with BDC for several years, so we were well-positioned to integrate this powerful data tool into its economic planning,” said Gordon Innes of Bloomberg Associates. “This tool serves as a blueprint for other cities, enabling them to see economic shifts in real time and respond accordingly."  

The Baltimore Economic Dashboard, while primarily focused on the city, also incorporates regional data. When used in conjunction with data from the Greater Washington Partnership and the Greater Baltimore Committee, the dashboard provides a comprehensive view of Baltimore’s economy within the broader regional context. This integration makes the dashboard a significant asset in tracking the progress of Baltimore Together’s strategic goals.

For more information about the Baltimore Economy Dashboard, please visit BDC’s Website to register or contact

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