Foreign Trade Zone

A foreign-trade zone is a federally designated area located within the United States, yet considered “outside” of U. S. Customs territory for the purposes of assessing and collecting import duties and taxes.  The Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) serves as administrator of the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) on behalf of Baltimore City and surrounding counties. 

Baltimore Foreign Trade Zone #74

FTZ #74 provides economic incentives to companies importing or exporting international goods. Through an FTZ, a company can hold activities on U.S. soil that would otherwise be more cost effective to do abroad. A wide variety of businesses use FTZ for their warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing facilities. Foreign Trade Zone procedures can enhance a company’s performance through several cost-saving and operational benefits, including deferred duties, reduced processing fees, and streamlined logistics.

Due in large part to the strong economic vitality of the Port of Baltimore, and the region’s robust transportation capabilities, FTZ #74 is one of the most active and largest zones in the United States. Because of our structure under the Alternative Site Framework (ASF), a company can quickly complete the activation process within a few weeks and can be located at any property in the designated service area. 

Foreign Trade Zone #74’s service area consists of almost 1,000 total acres of designated industrial and distribution space in the following counties:

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