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Celebrating Small Business Week, Spotlight on Local Makers in Baltimore: Sew Labs

WBAL 11 National Small Business Week Spotlight

As the nation kicks off National Small Business Week, the spotlight turns to the 15,000 small businesses of Baltimore. Among the many supportive endeavors, the Made in Baltimore (MIB) initiative stands out, championing local makers and manufacturers, enhancing their visibility, and bolstering their market access through certification and branding with the iconic "Made in Baltimore" logo. The MIB initiative, spearheaded by the Baltimore Development Corporation, plays a pivotal role in amplifying the voices of local makers like Jeremiah and Cecilia. Through programs like the BASE Network grants, which prioritizes assistance for BIPOC, women, and non-binary-owned businesses, the BDC is paving the way for inclusive economic growth and opportunity.

At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to supporting entrepreneurs like Jeremiah Jones and Cecilia Grimm, the dynamic co-founders of SewLab USA. SewLab USA is a beacon of creativity and sustainability. The company specializes in crafting superior quality soft goods from sustainably sourced materials, embodying the essence of ethical production and local craftsmanship.

Sew Labs featured on WBAL Morning News 4/28/24, (Jeremiah Jones, Brennan A. Murray, and Jennifer Franciotti)

Small Business Feature: Sew Labs USA

Jeremiah and Cecilia's journey is one of passion and purpose. Having met in Brooklyn in the early 2000s, their collaboration in life and work has been steadfast. Their venture, Hold Fast, was born in 2009, and their move to Baltimore was driven by a desire to lay down roots and continue their creative endeavors in a city ripe with opportunity. With backgrounds deeply rooted in art and manufacturing, Jeremiah and Cecilia epitomize the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines Baltimore's entrepreneurial landscape.

For Jeremiah, the inception of SewLab USA was inspired by a simple question: "Why buy something if I can make it?" This ethos laid the foundation for a company centered around family values, education, and creativity. SewLab USA is not merely a business; it is a testament to the industrial spirit that once thrived in Baltimore—a reminder of the city's rich heritage and its potential for economic revitalization.

As Small Business Week unfolds, shopping local represents more than just a transaction—it embodies a commitment to the circular economy, collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs, job creation, and positive environmental impact. In a world dominated by mass production and impersonal transactions, supporting local businesses like SewLab USA is a powerful statement—a declaration of solidarity with the artisans, makers, and dreamers who fuel the heart of our communities.

As consumers, the choices we make have the power to shape our communities and empower our neighbors. Whether it's purchasing a handmade tote bag or a locally crafted hat, every dollar spent with businesses like SewLab USA contributes to the fabric of our city, weaving a tapestry of resilience, innovation, and community spirit.

So, as we celebrate Small Business Week, let us remember the entrepreneurs who dare to dream, the makers who pour their hearts into their craft, and the communities that rally behind them.