Enterprise Zone and Focus Area

BDC manages the State of Maryland Enterprise Zone (EZ) program in Baltimore City. The EZ program provides real property and state income tax credits for businesses located in a Maryland enterprise zone in return for job creation and investments. Businesses located in Focus Areas, which are specific boundaries of an EZ, may also qualify for personal property tax credits on new investment in personal property and enhanced income tax credit for creating new jobs.

Not every business located in an enterprise zone is eligible to receive tax credit. In order to claim the credit, the business must be certified by the local enterprise zone administrator as eligible for the credit.

For questions about Enterprise Zone tax credits and certifications, please contact us by phone at (410) 837-9305 or via email at info@BaltimoreDevelopment.com.

Enterprise Zone benefits include:

Real Property Tax Credits

Income Tax Credits

EZ Focus Area benefits include the following in addition to EZ benefits:

Property Tax Credits

Income Tax Credits

Interested in this credit?

To find out if your business is in an Enterprise Zone or Focus Area, please visit the interactive map below and enter an address in the search bar.

Maryland Enterprise Zone Map

To apply for the property tax credit, please click the link below.

Apply for Property Tax Credit