Façade Improvement Grants

The Baltimore Development Corporation’s city-wide Façade Improvement Grant program (FIG) provides funds to make exterior improvements to commercial and industrial properties. The grants are to be used to enhance the appearance of individual building façades, signs and awnings, and other exterior improvements. Both Businesses and property owners are eligible.

BDC offers matching grants for the following property types:

BDC also administers fully funded façade grants (no match required) for properties located in certain neighborhoods. Please see the Grant Application for full program details.

The goal of this program is to leverage public dollars to encourage private investment to spur continued revitalization efforts in our neighborhoods. Work cannot begin until the grant is awarded and an agreement letter is signed and returned to BDC. For more information about the program, please review our FIG fact sheet. If you have questions, please contact us at info@BaltimoreDevelopment.com or for a copy of the grant application, click here.